Baby Cake Smash in Houston – Gorgeous Twin Boys

I had the hardest time editing this baby cake smash session… I could not figure out which baby was who!!! These are two gorgeous twin boys and oh those little bows!
It is actually quite sweet to see how babies react to cakes and sweets in general. At this stage, one year old babies are not very much used to sweets or a variety of tastes so as much as you would think they would be all over the cake, often times they get a little bit shy in its presence. Usually one finger is enough. After all, icing has a different texture and it needs to be explored meticulously. And so they do. Flowers though, they get all the attention.

At the end of the session, it is messy time. My favorite. Often this is the moment when the floor gets to taste the cake!

Feliz Cumpleanos Little Nuggets!!



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