Baby Photographer in Sugar Land, Texas – Look At You!

Well, look at you sweet baby girl!  I think I saw you just three months ago for your Tiny Toes Mini Session and you decided to go home and grow and grow and grow.  Well, let me tell you, you look amazing and you are definitely looking more and more like your older sister.  I bet she loves having you around at home!

I love this age… In fact, my Tiny Toes Baby Session for little nuggets who are around six to 8 months is one of my favorite photography sessions.   The newborn session is for sure the most unique as your little one will never be that small again. And then, the Tiny Toes First Steps session is also a favorite as you are capturing the very first steps in the life of your pumpkin. But at around six or seven months, babies are just absolutely adorable.  They are chubby, full of baby rolls, with gorgeous big eyes, the chubbiest cheeks and little feet like “empanadas” as I like to call them.  And to be honest, there is nothing cuter than those cushy legs and the occasional cellulite.  I could put 20 little babies sitting around me in a small room and I would not stop smiling. I just love love this age and it is the perfect moment to photograph little ones right before they get a little bit of the “stranger danger” alert.

Everything about you is perfect sweety and I cannot wait to finish editing your session…

Baby sitting on the floor playing with blocks. Photography Reflection of baby on the window. Sugar Land, Texas.