Baby Photographer in Katy, Texas – Brother and Baby

Baby Photographer in Katy

Some babies just stay close to my heart for a very long time! Big brother here is one of those.

You know sweet little one, life has had a few bumps for you here and there but let me tell you every time I see you, either here at the photography studio or when mommy sends me your pictures, I have to admit you have the biggest smiles and the happiest eyes.  A lot of it is probably who you are:  a bouncy happy boy but I bet mom and dad have a lot to do with it.  They are close to being the sweetest parents I have met and you could tell they have so much love for you… and now for your little baby brother.  He looks very much like you when you were his age and I am thrilled to know you will be sharing trains, dinosaurs and ice-cones with him.   Soon enough you will be teaching him how to build the tallest block tower!

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