Best Maternity Photographer in Houston – So Much Love

This has to be one of my very favorite families. Well… I guess I have been truly blessed over the years and I have always met wonderful moms and dads and hundreds of little nuggets who are very sweet and fun.  But everyone in this family is just simply so sweet and gentle.  Years before this Mini Maternity Photography Session, I met this wonderful mom during the newborn session of her third son.  You know when you meet somebody for the first time and you kind of have a feel they have a perspective in life similar to yours.  This is how I felt with her.  She is such a caring mom and a very down to earth person… and an “amazing” artist by the way. I am going to ask her for the link to her website where you can see her exquisite jewelry.  And so it was such wonderful news when she contacted me to tell me about baby number four.  When they all came to the studio, I just could not believe how much her youngest had grown from the little bitty newborn he was just a few years ago to the gorgeous and very sweet boy you see on these images (he is the light blonde one in case you cannot guess it).  All her boys have very gentle hearts and I loved to see them play and run around the studio.  I find all boys magical as you may have read in the past. They are just the perfect balance between chaos and never-ending sweetness. Let me just say I know for a fact, this new baby will be in the best of homes and will enjoy endless playdates in the company of these three musketeers. Congratulations mom and dad… you have an absolutely beautiful family!!!

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