Best Newborn Photographer in Houston – Just Like Daddy

Awww little bitty baby boy, you look just like daddy!  Let me just tell you something sweety pie, I see so many moms, dads, kiddos and families every week and in reality, even though I follow many of them for a full year to capture their first memories, and sometimes year after year as they come with their second, third and even fourth newborn, I only spend a few hours with them so it is hard to really know people.  And circumstances are also different than normal as many of these young families are tired and sleepy, adjusting to the realities of having a little nugget that sleeps during the day and stays awake at night. There is a commonality among all these families though and that is a sense of absolute happiness. And with some couples, happiness is everywhere but also love. You can really feel the love in the little things that they do, the way they look at each other, even with sleepy eyes.  Your mommy and daddy little baby is one of those couples. They are not just happy but they are also loving. Welcome to the world sweet pea and enjoy the cozy loving hug of your parents.

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