Best Newborn Photographer in Sugar Land Texas

I am not sure there are many things out there that are as soft and velvety as the skin of a little bitty newborn baby.  I see so many babies every month and I kind of like to do the same with all of them:  I gently move my finger on the surface of their belly when they are sleeping and I touch their ear lobe and the sides of their cheeks. I love the little fluffy peach fuzz on the side of the shoulders and I know most parents are not big fans of flaky skin and I do remove some of it in post processing but I love every bit of it. To me, it is just the sign of a brand new life. The very first skin of your pumpkin.  Mmmm, and little ones smell amazing. A gentle mixture between baby soap, ointment, milk and diapers.  It is a very particular smell and it brings a smile to my face every time.  Everything is so brand new about this sweet baby boy below.  He is so pure, gentle and cuddly and you can easily tell how amazingly happy mom and dad feel to have such blessing in their home. Life as they know it is now changing forever and I have yet to find a human being who would rather go back to how things were before.

Congratulations mommy and daddy on your new family member. Enjoy every bit of it as time flies faster than you can imagine!


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