Houston Baby Photographer – Newborn Colors

The purpose of the images below is to show you the color possibilities for the wraps and blankets for your little bunny.  It is important not to pay much attention to the baby or the pose but rather the color in the image.  Please note, colors vary depending on the natural light, but these are very close approximations (for in-home sessions, these colors also may vary as the light in homes may be affected by many factors such as paint color, decorations, etc.).

I would say most of the times, I choose two settings for newborns. This means, it would be great if you could let me know two options for your color preferences (e.g.: I prefer ivories and light beige colors). Also, many times a specific blanket or wrap is being washed so it is important not to be very specific on a particular blanket but rather a color preference.

You will notice some of the blankets have quite a bit of texture (furs or pattern). If those are used, I tend to choose a non textured blanket for the second setting.  If you prefer NOT to use furs, please let me know in your questionnaire. I review questionnaires right before preparing the newborn setting so it is important your preference is there rather than in an email or text.

I tend to gravitate towards whites, ivories, light beige colors and soft pinks for girls and every color for boys except pink. But this is a personal preference. If you prefer light gray for girls, it would look great as well.

Finally, these are just here as a guide. Most parents leave the choices of colors to me and I am very happy selecting nice combinations. However, I do want to show these to you in case you have a preference you want to let me know.

So here they are: