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Little bunny, it has been such an honor photographing your family. I’ve watched your big brother grow from a tiny newborn into the handsome little guy he is today and then I was awarded the absolute honor of also watching you grow from the time you were just born until now. I cannot wait to see you walking and to see how tall you grow. I look forward to seeing a sweet friendship develop between you and your brother and getting to capture those memories for your parents to cherish forever. This is the best part about being a photographer. I get to see lives unfold, and life is so beautiful!

“A father’s love
A wedding dance
New Year’s dreams
A toast with friends
A soldier coming home from war
The faith the hope of so much more
A brand new life, a mother’s prayer
Shooting stars, ocean air
A lover’s kiss, and hard goodbyes
Fireworks, Christmas lights

These are things that make us feel alive
These are the times that make us realize

Life is beautiful”

-The Afters

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