Houston Maternity Photographer – Big Brother

The New Big Brother

Well, you certainly are growing way too fast little nugget. And now, you will soon have a sibling to help you build train tracks and lego cars. Just a few more days and you will be a big brother! The nervousness but mostly excitement rushing through you must be incomprehensible to us adults. You may not understand everything at first but, you’re not just getting a sibling- you’re getting a best friend you’ll share life experiences with.  You’ll grow together, pick on each other, love each other, and most importantly- be there for each other. You may miss being the center of attention but, sharing that attention may be easier than you think. You’re going to make a great big brother to the new baby. I can see you’ll be his friend, teacher, and sometimes enemy- but mostly, big brother. Your new baby sibling will look up to you and you’ll want to guide them. I’m so thrilled for this whole family, especially you!

An Addition

Adding a new baby can be stressful for any family. Usually, the maternity shoots can sometimes depict some of this stress. However, using natural lighting and creating a stress-free environment, we were able to have a fun and relaxed maternity session. Mommy looked absolutely gorgeous in a lace gown. It showed off how much she was glowing and how full of life she is (literally) in the best way. The dress with the natural lighting made her look angelic! Big brother was having a great time playing, hugging, and posing! He’s so photogenic and hyper! I loved hearing his little xylophone he played for us. He not only had fun playing with his xylophone, mommy and daddy couldn’t be left out of playtime! Daddy was having so much fun throughout the shoot, as well. He was a big help to mommy and big brother.

Mom and baby brother Maternity Session

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