Houston Newborn Photographer – Mommy and Baby Girl

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful mommy and her sweet little baby.  Every year, around Mother’s Day, I offer two complimentary Mommy and Me session in studio for any mom, of any age, and her child (of any age as well).  Often times, we moms are the ones behind the smart phone or the camera, chasing our family around to try and capture as much of our lives as possible. But then, as it is happening to me, we realize that WE are not in any of the images. Everybody else is, including the dogs, ducks and toys but we really do not have many photos of us being moms, cooking, cleaning, caring and above all, hugging our babies.

Next time you get your smart phone, invert the camera and shoot or record a short movie of you and your loved ones. It does not have to be excellent quality. The light does not have to be perfect. You do not have to wear great clothes and it is perfectly “perfect” to be in the scene even when you feel you could loose a couple of pounds. What will matter many years down the road is that you are there. And this will matter to your kids more than you think.  More than it matters to you.

And so today, I hope these images captured just a little sneak peek of the love between this mom and her daughter.  I think I mentioned this before but sometimes when I edit images, my face ends up hurting as I realize I am smiling while I look at them.  This was one of the cases. Mommy, you can really tell how much you love your bunny by the way you look at her.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all the wonderful moms out there!!


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