Maternity Photographer in Sugar Land Texas – Two Hearts

I find it absolutely amazing to know that this is the image of one person but in fact there are actually two. Two lives, two hearts, two sets of toes and fingers, two of everything.  To me, capturing these memories go beyond taking beautiful pictures of a pregnant mom.  How many times in our lives can we say we have actually and actively participate in the creation of life… of a human being?  This in itself is beyond amazing.   Mommy’s body is working 24/7 to create one of the most complex organisms in life and equally as important, her mind and her heart are already nurturing a little person yet to be known but already loved so much.    Despite all my nausea and my insomnia for several months while I was pregnant, I truly loved all the months of my two pregnancies and it never ceased to amaze me all the so many times I felt two little feet kicking in all directions inside my belly.

Thank you so much for coming to my studio mommy and for allowing me to capture these memories for you.   One day I know you will be sharing these images with your little one and, same as me, you will remember how precious it felt to be so filled with love and two have two hearts beating inside you.

I look forward to meeting your little bunny soon…

Light and Airy Maternity Photography in Studio of Pregnant Mom in Houston, Texas