Mini Tiny Toes Baby Photography Session in Houston

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!!! Well aren’t you an absolutely gorgeous little princess??  Let me tell you bunny, “When I grow Younger, I want to be like you!!!” I want to dress with the sweetest flowery dresses and wear chubby hair bows. I want my cheeks to be round and cushy and I will use my shiny brand new teeth to chew on anything I come across. I want to marvel at the texture of fluffy blankets and I want to have no patience to stay quiet in one place.  If I have blocks around me, I want to work hard on building the tallest towers but first, I need to make sure every block tastes good.  And finally, I want to play with trains, because trains are also for girls.  I will be all this while still looking amazingly beautiful, just like you!

You are a sweet pumpkin bunny and I am glad mommy brought you for this light and creamy Tiny Toes Mini Session. Now go and enjoy your party and have tons of fun…

Photography of Little girl playing with blocks

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