Natural Light Photographer of Babies in Houston – Bunny Boy

Everytime this very sweet bunny baby boy comes to my photography studio, he just gives me the biggest little smiles.  He is just a happy little nugget and you can tell how much love mom and dad have for him.  This time I was actually quite lucky as I also got to capture some sweet tiny tears. It only lasted a second but secretly, I love those images.  Now that I write about this, it reminds me of something my mom always used to say.  She confessed that when me and my brother were little kids, she would sometimes make us cry as she loved to see our little pouty faces. Kind of mean but yeah… there you have it! And so, even though I work very hard to get tons of little smiles, I do crave for a tear now and then.

I will be seeing you soon baby for your Tiny Toes First Steps Outdoor Session and it will be a Winter session, which are definitely my favorite. So until then… go practice taking some steps!

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Natural Light Photographer of Babies in Houston