Newborn Photography in Houston – When You Sleep

There is something magical about watching a newborn sleep.  During my newborn photography sessions I get to see so many little babies curl up and cuddle in a little ball and fall asleep and I just think it is amazing to see their bellies move up and down as they breath.  Just a very few days before they were exactly like that but inside mommy’s belly and now there is so much air around, so much space and they have to get used to so many things. They have to learn to eat, they have to learn to breath. For the first time, they hear their own noise when they cry because they are hungry and soon they learn that by crying, they will have mom and dad’s devoted attention.  But really looking at them sleeping is just so peaceful and sweet and I wonder what is it exactly that they are dreaming about.

This sweet baby girl came to my studio a few weeks ago and she was just perfect.  She had a tiny button nose, very soft light hair and her skin had the gentle little peach fuzz I love so much.  And oh that sweet Angel’s kiss between her eyes is just perfect. One of the images I love the most is that of daddy’s finger holding her little hand.  I know it is a simple image but somehow, it is images like these ones that touch my heart. The simple details and all those things that are so important to remember and so easy to forget.

One day, she will sit and look at her newborn images and I have a feeling she will smile to see how little she was next to mommy and daddy. So tiny and precious. So perfect.  For now mom and dad, enjoy her chubby little arms and her soft skin. Time will fly so so fast and these will be memories you will carry with you forever.


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