Newborn Video in Home – Houston Baby Photographer

My heart melts when I look at memories like this one.  This newborn video contains beautiful images of a sweet little baby girl and her family mixed with candid family moments. There is a special place in my heart for videos because, although I think still images are an amazing reflection of a moment in life, a video tells a messier story and when it comes to little children, messy is as real as it gets.  Often times people ask me how many lenses I take when I travel. I own three professional cameras and an arsenal of professional lenses as well as some very eccentric vintage lenses but in general, my answer is always the same: I don’t take any. Sure I am missing on so many amazing shots and it is for sure ironic that a profesional photographer can travel without her equipment but I am being honest. Videos are really special for me, especially now that my children are teenagers and they have no intentions of posing for any pictures. With movement, I am able to capture the reality that surrounds me, from a simple breakfast at grandma’s home in Argentina to a kayak trip in Icy Strait Point, Alaska; from a soothing gondola ride in Venice to a shaky flying chair down the Italian Dolomite Mountains. And well, in my case, it is never just a plain phone video but more of a compilation of carefully selected shots taken with a professional stabilization rig and edited to the best of my abilities but non-the-less videos taken with a simple phone.  In the end, it does not really matter. Memories are memories – photos or videos. However, I know that these special moments captured in this video are truly invaluable. Both girls will smile for many many years to come every time they play it. And I know it will be played for a very long time.

(here is another beautiful memory from this family’s gender reveal video)