Organic Baby Photographers in Houston – Limiting Cuteness

Let me explain a little bit about my typical day at work:

I start my mornings photographing little bitty newborns, who have just entered this world and they smell amazing. They are so little, their skin is gently peeling, their lips pout ready to eat again. When I touch their hands to capture the details of those little bitty nails, all their fingers wrap around one of my fingers.  They curl up like little roly pollis.  And sometimes, like today, I also get a bouncy little sibling, happy to be a great helper and give baby some cuddles.

And then, when I finish the session, I often times grab something to eat and sit in front of my computer to edit more baby sessions.  Today again, it is the turn of this chunky monkey princess and all her rolls. And her toothless smile and those soft curls and awww those almond eyes. She is a big girl now and she can sit. She is all smiles.  And at some point, my face muscles cannot take it anymore…

I have been smiling nonstop since 9:30am this morning.  Decisions need to be made…

I am considering limiting “cuteness” as in:  “those parents with adorably super cute babies, can only book sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 11:30am or something like that.

One can only take so much cuteness in one day!!!!


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