Outdoor and In-Studio Full Maternity Session in Houston

One of the options my families have to capture beautiful memories of their bellies is to book a full maternity session that is a combination between studio images and an outdoor session.  I love this option because it tends to be, in my opinion, the best of both worlds.  My preference is always a studio session for pregnant moms for many reasons. First I think that my studio is really very creamy and bright and it casts a very gentle light on the glowing skin of all my moms.  Privacy is also important and in a studio, you have the comfort of capturing any type of image showing as much or as little skin as desired.  Then there is the million and a half dresses I have in the studio wardrobe so moms get a chance to try on all kinds of outfits thus getting more variety in their images.  Sometimes I think my place is a combination of a photography studio and Anthropologie.  And then there is the chairs, the sofa, the bed, the walls, the windows. The studio is actually quite big so there are tons of possibilities for variety.  Above all, it is the creaminess of all my studio images what I prefer the most.   With a Full Maternity Session, you can choose to do all your images inside the studio but most moms choose the combination. So we do half or so images inside the studio and then we go outdoors for some more.  This is actually great for many reasons as well. You get a wonderful variety but you also get to make your session to be not necessarily focused 100% on your belly.  You can if you want to, but you can also just capture couple images or your whole family, kids, puppies and all.  These are all the reasons why Full Maternity Sessions are the preferred option for my expecting parents.  And when this is not an option, the alternative is absolutely beautiful as well: the Mini Maternity Session.

Here is a recent Full Maternity Session with this absolutely beautiful mom and her loving husband.  Daddy I think you really won the lottery! your wife is such a calm and laid back person it was really a pleasure to work with you both.  And mom:  I think you won the same lottery, as he has such a genuine smile when he looks at you!


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