Photographer of Twin Newborn Babies in Houston

As I edit these images my heart is melting with these twin newborn babies.  My goodness doesn’t she look so happy next to her big brother?  Let me tell you sweet princess:  you were a squirmy little bunny and I can already tell you will be walking, crawling and getting into all kinds of trouble in a matter of months. Your brother on the other hand, seems to be the kind that loves to sleep. I wonder who will be waking up earlier on weekends…?MMMmmmm….

I do not know if things work this way but when my daughter was as little as you were 13 years ago, she used to sleep tons, kind of like your brother. But my son, two years older than my daughter, used to be awake and alert and wiggly. Today, they are still exactly the same. So as I look at your images, I wonder if you will be both like that: one bouncy and squirmy and the other one calm and sleepy.  One thing is for sure, you have two very active siblings who will soon be teaching you all kinds of ways to get into trouble.  You both definitely look as beautiful as your brother when he was a newborn. You can see his newborn photography session here.  He was definitely a sweet chunky monkey and I was so happy to see him and your big sister again. Thank you so much mommy and daddy for letting me capture once more these beautiful beginnings.

Don’t grow too quickly little munchkins!!


Beautiful Photography of Twin babies boy and girl hugging and smiling