Tiny Toes Baby Photography Mini Session in Houston

I absolutely love your nickname sweetheart. “Squid”. It just made me smile all day on the day of your Tiny Toes Baby Mini Session.  And it really goes very well with you.

Did you know bunny that grandma came from very very very far away just to see you? She wanted to meet the handsome little prince that mommy and daddy created from scratch. The son of her son. And how amazingly wonderful is that? I get kind of emotional when I think about these things.  Today my son is just a teenager but one day, maybe I will also get to travel – though hopefully not from that far away –  to meet the child of my son.  I am sure grandma was watching you closely trying to find in how many ways you reminded her of your daddy when he was a baby. Because these are the things that grandmas do. They remember and re-live all those years. Actually I love the job of grandmas: they get to have all the fun by playing and cooking and singing but they don’t necessarily have to do all the cleaning and for sure they don’t have to be responsible for the hard parenting part.

Sounds like a great job description to me!


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