Tiny Toes Baby Video – Peek-A-Boo Little Princess

I always get very excited when I have a chance to capture a video, especially if it is about a sweet little girl and her loving mom.  I think a pictures speaks a thousand words but I do have to admit there is something magical about recording memories in a video format. Fifteen years ago when my own kiddos were little babies, smartphone pictures or movies were not an option. If you wanted a video of your kids, you did have to pull out your pretty chunky camcorder and record into a tape and then transfer the tape into your computer via a sophisticated software. I still have boxes of little square tapes with all my memories. One day I will sit down and work on them before the technology goes completely obsolete.   So I would say one of things I miss or wish I could have is just a video of me and my babies just hanging around together, playing and doing just the things moms and babies do.  I am in love with photography but I have to say there is something special and quite moving about watching a video many years down the road and hear the noises your baby made, or how fast they moved their hands, how they startled with noises or what their belly rolls looked like when they moved.  And so it just made me very happy to work on this video project and as I edited the clips, I could not help but smile all the time.  This mommy and her little bumble bee look so sweet together!!